ZigaForm version 6.0.8


Holographic LED Display

Up to 90% Transparency rate


High Brightness

P2.5 / P3.9 / P6.25 / P10 / P30mm pitch options

250×1025, 250×1200, 250x1500mm sizes

Thin & Lightweight

Up to 90% transparency rate, and high resolution
Super thin and Light weight, only 6kg/sqm and 2mm thickness

Easy Mounting, High Brightness

Direct glass wall mounting, no visible bar in the screen area
High brightness for various ambient conditions, 3,000~5,000nits

IC with LED Package

Black and White SMD options
Patent design of IC & LED package in one

High Transparency

This LED display boasts an astonishing 80-90% transparency, merging seamlessly with its environment while providing high-quality visuals.

Flexible and Curvable

Starlink Transparent LED Display, Digilight Direct LED Supplier in Dubai

No Framework Required: The beauty of Transparent LED mesh lies in its simplicity. No need for additional structures or frames. It perfectly integrates with the existing architecture, offering limitless possibilities for architects and designers to bring their vision to life.


With a thickness of just 2mm, the Transparent LED Film is a testament to our commitment to sleek, modern design products. This ultra-thin film transforms any glass surface into a dynamic display without adding bulk.

Starlink Technical-Parameters

Digilight starlink specifications

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