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Revolutionary LED Displays

for any event.

Revolutionary LED Displays for any event.

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LED Display Install Rental/Permanent

Digilight offers a comprehensive LED rental and direct supply service, providing  visual displays that cater to any event scale or requirement, with cutting-edge LED technology.


Flexible LED Design & Implementation

Digilight creates custom designs for flexible LED displays, tailored to fit any space. Our focus is on seamless implementation for a striking visual impact at your event.

Animated Video Content Production

Digilight’s expertise in animated content ensures the right fit for any display type, enhancing your event with perfectly tailored visuals.

Video Holograms

Our holographic content adds a touch of the future to any setting. From straightforward projections to complex visual displays, provide a striking 3D experience, integrating with the surrounding environment to captivate your audience.

Video Mapping

Video mapping transforms objects into dynamic video surfaces, adding dimension and depth to events. We create captivating, custom experiences with this technology, turning any surface into a visual story.

Immersive Environments

This is a visual effect that creates an illusion of being in a different artificial reality by altering depth perception and creating a 3d effect. Not only by LED displays but through the right way of creating the visuals.


Digilight has been the secret ingredient in transforming events into unforgettable experiences. Our LED displays have added that extra sparkle to conferences, weddings, and more. See how we’ve lit up various occasions with brilliance and style!

Digilight Direct LED Supplier Dubai)

Indoor & Outdoor LED Displays.

Experience brilliance indoors with Digilight’s Indoor LED Displays, delivering stunning clarity and captivating visuals. Step into the limelight outdoors with our Outdoor LED Displays, designed for durability and unparalleled brightness. Elevate your events with Digilight’s LED Displays, offering superior image quality and reliability for unforgettable visual experiences.


Transparent & Light-Weight Displays.

Illuminate your space with transparency using Digilight’s lightweight LED Displays, blending seamlessly into any environment. Our transparent LED Displays offer stunning visuals with minimal impact, perfect for creating captivating displays in any setting. Experience the future of visual technology with Digilight’s transparent LED Displays, combining innovation with elegance for unmatched versatility.

Since 1997, Digilight specializes in providing LED display solutions that transform spaces and captivate audiences. Our vast inventory and position as a direct supplier of LED screens enable us to meet the diverse needs of our clients with precision and creativity.

Our expertise extends to creating dynamic animated video content, ensuring that each project we undertake is not only visually striking but also uniquely engaging.

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