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Choosing the right Display, can be complicated. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

LED Display Installation

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Digilight specializes in premium LED display rentals and sales, catering to events of any size with competitive pricing and custom solutions. Our collection of high-performance indoor and outdoor LED walls combines the inherent strengths of LED technology with Digilight’s commitment to excellence in quality, performance, and customer service.

Video Holograms

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Utilizing the latest in holographic technology, we present various options for creating the hologram effect, such as our Holographic transparent LED screens. These holographic solutions promise an immersive experience, effortlessly fitting into any setting to impress and captivate audiences.

Video Content

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Digilight also offers video content production that aligns well with any display type, enhancing your event with visuals that are specifically designed to meet your needs, providing an effective way to engage your audience.

Flexible LED Design

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We craft customized solutions with flexible LED displays, tailored to meet the unique spatial and aesthetic requirements of any project. Our emphasis is on flawless integration, aimed at delivering a visually stunning impact for your projects and events.

Video Mapping

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Video mapping turns everyday surfaces into dynamic canvases, enriching them with depth and movement. Our expertise allows us to design unique, compelling experiences that convert simple objects into captivating tales told through visuals. This approach not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of a space or exterior but also creates immersive storytelling opportunities.

Immersive Environments

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An immersive environment manipulates depth perception to create a three-dimensional effect and an illusion of being in an artificial reality. This effect extends beyond the use of LED displays, encompassing a strategic combination of visual content, specialized lighting and the incorporation of extra elements like mirrors, sound effects, and occasionally scents.

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